Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Well I don't know what to believe now. EKOS had a poll suggesting it was 36-30 and the election was a horserace now. Now, tonight, I watch CTV and Allan Gregg's bunch have it 42-24 for the Conservatives, and I just about fell out of my chair in shock when I saw that. The Tories now are at 31% in the province of Quebec and the Liberals there are absolutely going to be hammered, destroyed. I can't believe the numbers out of Quebec are that low for the Liberals, in parts of Quebec they're polling less than 10%.

This can't be right. Can it?! I hear that Mario Dumont and Jean Charest have sent their organizations over to help the Conservatives, which would explain a lot. La Presse endorsed the Conservatives today, too, pretty strongly. Things are for real over there. But these polls look pretty fishy to me.

About all we know for sure is that the Conservatives are winning, but as I see it some of these polls could be a big plot to scare left-leaning voters into running back to the Liberals. The only poll that counts is on election day as far as I'm concerned.

There were also some other La Presse polls out of Quebec suggesting the Liberals were going to get hammered, that Pierre Pettigrew was 20 points behind or something like that, and a couple of Tories had in excess of 50% of the vote. The only places where the Liberals still had a chance were Montreal ridings.

Noticed that CTV ran a Countdown with Mike Duffy promo that showed Mike staring down John Duffy and doing his "I will not be intimidated" routine. Great to see the folks over at CTV taking advantage of that exchange and using that clip.

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