Saturday, January 07, 2006


The Liberal attack ads have begun. Why did it take so long is my question.

Apparently their ads trashing Harper's daycare policies are running on the CBC. That's right- the politicians didn't ruin your Christmas with attack ads, but they are ruining Hockey Day in Canada.

And I just saw a Harper attack ad in response to the Liberals now, trashing the Liberal corruption. But I'm not paying attention to them. I'm not watching hockey tonight, I'm watching those riveting NFL playoff games over on the other channel. The only political ads I see on Global tonight are for some guy running for the Liberals, some guy named Budweiser. Oh, wait, it's a beer ad. Never mind, got confused.

I guess there are no political ads running on Global tonight. The politicians probably think football fans don't care about politics. They are right.

So we have attack ads, and we have beer ads. All we need now are popcorn ads, too, and the night is set. It's Politics Night in Canada.

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