Monday, January 30, 2006


Frank McKenna says he ain't gonna run for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada. Which means their leadership convention is almost certain to go five ballots and be decided at three o'clock in the morning-- whenever it happens.

This is another big name saying no-- John Manley said no last week. I think McKenna knew that even though he had this "frontrunner" label, when it came to the actual leadership campaign he would have a difficult time, having been tied to killing Meech Lake and all that. I also read in a number of places that he was pro-life, which, well, wouldn't sit well in the current Liberal Party, especially after what happened in the last week of the campaign when the Liberals trashed Harper by linking him to the pro-life crowd in their TV ads.

Maybe McKenna wanted nothing to do with the Martin crowd of advisors who were rumored to be ready to back him for leader; the Martin gang are in deep dung with the Liberal membership at the moment for the way they ran the government into the ground. I also heard a big anyone-but-McKenna movement was starting up if he ran, to gang up on him and stop him. Well, this settles it.

The field is seemingly all clear now for Brian Tobin, but he's made it clear already that he'd rather be done with politics, his wife would kill him. I guess he could be armtwisted into changing his mind, but his French isn't very good, either. Plus, I read a rumor on some blog somewhere that he's advising Belinda Stronach and may support her. As I see it, the only way Tobin runs is if Stronach doesn't run, and at the moment all indications are that Belinda's going to waste her millions on her own race for leader.

Good grief, this race really is attracting the second-raters- Stronach, Scott Brison, etc.

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