Sunday, January 29, 2006


This has been a tough weekend for me, decompressing not only from the political high season, but also from the football season.

I know I know, it will be back next week. Super Bowl weekend is traditionally one of the better sports weekends of the year. But the weekend before is definitely not. Nothing on TV.

I gotta say, I've watched a lot of hockey and a lot of basketball this weekend, and all I will say is this: it ain't the NFL. I miss football already. Football season is too short, but we all know that.

I will say this, though; it is nice to actually watch a sporting event on TV in this country that isn't littered with political commercials and attack ads. You can watch Hockey Night in Canada in peace again without being bombarded by politicians telling us about how sinister their opponent is.

What a relief. Time for a vacation.

P.S.- For you media junkies wondering if I am going to rant about Bob Woodruff, I'll get around to it later.

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