Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Well, we have changes coming to Ottawa and a State of the Union address coming tonight from Washington. With that, I notice a few changes going on out there.

First, noticed Ana Marie Cox is out as editor at Wonkette. Why, I don't know. Maybe she's writing a book or something, who knows. Anyway she'll be back from time to time at that site (ie. tonight). One of her replacements, David Lat, is a lawyer who used to impersonate a female while writing Underneath Their Robes, a humorous and popular law blawg.

Already the complaints are flying that the Wonkette site sucks without Cox there. This is definitely the end of Wonkette as far as I'm concerned.

In other news, ABC has cancelled Commander-in-Chief, that boring show starring Geena Davis as the President of the United States. Wow, that was quick. This comes just one week after NBC cancelled The West Wing and after Canada's parliamentary channel, CPAC, cancelled The Liberals Starring Paul Martin. CPAC plans to run new episodes of its replacement series, The Conservatives Starring Stephen Harper, beginning next week.

January not a good month to be a Liberal- especially a Liberal on TV.

UPDATE: Ahem. Turns out Commander-in-Chief is not cancelled yet. ABC is simply putting it on hiatus for a few weeks. Well, it might as well be cancelled.

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