Friday, January 13, 2006


In a sure sign of trouble for the Liberals they are sending their fearless leader Paul Martin into Liberal fortresses in order to try and save themselves. Back in 2003 the provincial Liberals were doing so well that they were sending Dalton McGuinty into Tory bedrocks like Whitby just to freak out the Conservatives. Not this time.

A couple nights ago they sent Martin in to Agincourt to a rally, apparently because this was the only place in all of Canada where Martin could draw a decent crowd for an event. (He couldn't even draw a crowd in Belinda's riding for Belinda's event.)

Now comes word the Liberal bus is going to another fortress, Hamilton. Hamilton?! Where Sheila Copps used to win big majorities all the time?! Why is Martin going there? If he has to go to Hamilton the Liberals are in huge trouble. Maybe Tony Valeri's troubles have something to do with it.

In contrast Stephen Harper is heading to Oakville and Barrie, two of the many, many places where they have incumbent Liberals on the run.

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