Tuesday, January 10, 2006


It's worse than I thought. I thought it was only eight attack ads. Turns out it's TWELVE.

And they've pulled one of them already. The awful ads claiming the Tories were going to send the troops into our major cities got so many howls that it was pulled off the air. Now the news media is running and re-running this ad to show Canadians how low the Liberals will go. I read somewhere that even Craig Oliver was complaining about it.

Now the Conservatives are fighting back with their own attack ads in retaliation to this Liberal sleaze. You know, I hate all these attack ads. I don't like the fact that the Conservatives have to resort to these, too. But the Liberal attack ads worked the last time, so the Tories really have no choice but to fight back with their own. These political ads are air pollution as far as I'm concerned. Canada, keep this in mind: the Martin Liberals started it. They're to blame. Chretien's ads were never even this bad. The Martin Liberals are dipping to new lows.

The French debate is on as I speak and I am watching it on the French channel. Let me tell you, it is darned easy to understand a French debate when you have three Anglophones up there attempting high-school-level French.

UPDATE: Damian Penny also is howling over the Liberal attack ad "contributions", where they claim, wrongly, that Harper didn't release his campaign contributions. He wants the Liberals annihilated now, not simply defeated, and I don't blame him.

January 23rd can't come fast enough as far as I'm concerned.

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