Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I think it ought to be the goal of the Tories campaign to make every day up to and including election day a completely miserable one for all Liberals. If that is the strategy I say it is working. It's working bigtime.

Late last night the Liberals' "Red Book", which was supposed to have been sprung on the public today, leaked out --- to the Western Standard Shotgun website. People are now blaming, once again, the "Liberal Mole" for this and the other embarrassing leaks that have come out of the Liberal war room all campaign. So it was another embarrassment for the Liberals. Good grief, they can't run a government and now they can't even run a campaign.

Also, Ezra Levant noted there was no mention of abolishing the notwithstanding clause in the document.

This morning the Conservatives held a big press conference to demolish the Liberals on their hideous, grotesque attack ads. Jason Kenney, Gordon O'Connor and Monte Solberg were all there and they were roasting the Liberals for the military attack ad, the one which basically implied that Stephen Harper would put the military on our streets in Pinochet-type fashion. Kenney was outraged and calling for the Liberals to apologize and pull these ads, and O'Connor was calling it an insult to the armed forces. Kenney was blasting the Liberals as well for the American-style campaign tactics and basically making a big issue out of the Liberal TV ads. Solberg, looking decidedly like a guy who was ready to run to the washroom to throw up, blasted the Liberal lies and platform and repeatedly referred to the Liberal campaign as being in "disarray". They also roasted Martin for not mentioning his notwithstanding clause ban pledge in his platform and for making his policies up as he goes along. All in all, it was a total demolition of the Liberals by these three today. No stone was left unturned: they mentioned Mike Duffy, they mentioned Martin confusing Harper with Jack Layton in the TV debate, they mentioned the Liberal Mole, they mentioned everyone. They tied the Liberal leaks to the income trust scandal that was caused by leaks. They were saying you couldn't believe a word Paul Martin said anymore. Wow, they really killed him today.

The day isn't half over and the Liberals are already well on their way to getting roasted on the newscasts across Canada tonight, and in the online press and in the blogs. The Liberal negative ads have already blown up in the Liberals' faces and are a big scandal in their own right, today. And you can see how hostile the press has become, they aren't putting up with the Martin Hot Air Machine anymore. Guys like Mike Duffy and Bob Fife are completely ticked off.

By the way, I heard that Paul Martin is supposed to be in Scarborough today. Why is he in Scarborough, of all places? Is the campaign doing that badly that he has to go to Scarborough to try and save the area? I notice Martin going to places like Newmarket-Aurora and other venues where he shouldn't have to go to, a sure sign he's playing defense. Meanwhile, I hear Stephen Harper is planning yet another visit to Toronto sometime this week - presumably to make the Liberals pay.

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