Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I am going to get my comments about the election over with because I think it's time for me to go back to ranting about the entertainment industry and the world of sports.

I know that lots of people out there are still griping about the election results and that there's a large number of people out West who can't believe how Ontario voted for the Liberal crooks again. I say: get over it. The Tories won the election, they're going to be the government of Canada. So what if these people in Toronto voted for someone else, those guys still lost. The West doesn't have to separate from Canada, they have real power now.

And for those people still bitter that Belinda and these other Liberals got in, well, don't forget, the Conservatives were still able to get Anne McLellan defeated. I mean really, the Liberal cabinet did endure a bit of a bloodbath on election night. True, not everyone was defeated, it would have been lots of fun to see Belinda lose, but it's pretty difficult to get rid of all the prominent people you want to see defeated from the other side of the bench in any election.

I know people in my own riding are down because our local candidate lost. In fact, it was a morose crowd who gathered at our local "victory party" (?) (!) at Joe Maggiano's Restaurant. That restaurant still has a perfect losing record. Imagine if they ever hosted a real victory party with the local candidate actually winning, for a change. They might have to spend days cleaning the place up after that. In fact the biggest cheers of the night came when Paul Martin announced he was going to step down as Liberal leader. Otherwise it was a pretty glum group of dissatisfied people, obviously out for blood.

A lot of us went home early from that place and I went back home to turn on the TV, in plenty of time to see Stephen Harper show up at his Calgary victory party to address these cheering Conservatives. And then, I realized...We won the freaking election, we're going to be the government. Sure the Liberal rascals deserved a total slaughter in our eyes after their pathetic campaign and corrupt running of our country, and we didn't get one. But still, we won the thing. Conservatives have been given a chance to show the people of Canada how they will govern the country and they should make the most of this tremendous opportunity.

And as for Stephen Harper, well, a lot of people didn't think he could do it, but he's pulled off something that was unthinkable a couple of years ago: he's toppled the Liberal machine. He came back into active political life in 2002 largely because of a desire to save the conservative movement, which was falling apart. When he took over the leadership of the Canadian Alliance that was still in a shambles from the regime of Stockwell Day, Paul Martin was busy putting the knife to Jean Chretien. The Martin people were openly bragging about winning 200 seats and destroying the opposition parties for good. It took the scary prospect of an electoral slaughter for Conservatives to realize that they needed to unite to fight the Liberals instead of each other.

Who would have thought that Harper would have been able to not only unite these two divided parties, but be able to reduce Martin to a minority in 2004, and then out-and-out defeat him in 2006? What can I say, the doubters have been silenced. It's pretty safe to say that the leader of the Conservative Party isn't going to be facing any leadership review any time soon. Stephen Harper is truly a hero to all Canadian conservatives today.

Moreover, by beating the Liberals, Harper has succeeded in holding the government to account for the terrible sponsorship scandal and the corruption that has plagued politics in Ottawa. Stephen Harper has earned his place in history for restoring a competitive parliamentary democracy to Canada and making the government of Canada more accountable.
He's already achieved this, and he hasn't even been sworn in as Prime Minister yet. That's how remarkable this achievement is.

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