Monday, January 16, 2006


So, another day off the calendar before the big vote on January 23rd.

Well, two more polls have the Conservatives leading the Liberals by twelve points. It's pretty obvious to everyone that the Liberal campaign is a train wreck. The Liberal campaign has been so bad that now Jack Layton of the NDP is trying to take advantage of the situation and appeal to embarrassed Liberals who are too ashamed to vote for their disgraceful party. He's saying to Liberal voters "lend me your vote".

"Vote for us just this once, in this election, so there is a strong voice in the next Parliament that is standing up for the priorities progressive people believe in,” Layton said today. He said the Liberals will be going in the "repair shop", so just this once, cast your lot with the NDP.

I guess this is sort of like what happened with Conservative voters "lending" their votes to the Liberals the whole time that the Tories were split into two parties. And many fed up Tories went and supported the Liberals in disgust because they were your only choice, all the other parties were in chaos. I guess what Layton is saying to progressive voters is "come home". Well, why didn't he do this the entire campaign and make that his central message?

The NDP has been lost in the shuffle this whole election. Layton should have been doing more throughout the campaign to prevent soft NDPers from moving to other parties. In fact the big problem for the NDP all campaign is that too many lefties have not committed to them until it was too late. Too many are going to stick with the Liberals, or even vote for the Green Party. In fact, the Green party is going to be a big problem for the NDP. A lot of lefties and progressives like what the Greens stand for and want to help that party stay in business, although a lot of their vote is going to consist of what I call the anti-everyone vote. The Greens are going to get a lot of votes from people protesting the other parties. These voters really could care less about the environment, they just hate everybody, so they're voting Green. This is going to split the vote and really hurt the NDP, and likely cost them a lot of races.

As it stands the NDP are going to get yet another fourth-place finish in the House of Commons and get no further than before, though they might gain seats in Toronto. I think Layton's pitch is aimed at Toronto where the NDP are looking to make big gains. I also read a rant somewhere by Douglas Fisher claiming the NDP were going to finish ahead of the Liberals. What hogwash. The Liberal campaign is a mess, but not that big a mess.

As for the rest of the week, looking ahead I see very little change in the situation. We have a week of stinging newspaper endorsements coming up from the likes of the Sun chain and the National Post, clobbering the Liberals. Paul Martin is going to be continuing his "loser's tour" of bedrock Liberal ridings that he's trying to save, while Stephen Harper continues to make the Liberals look bad by travelling into ridings he never thought in his wildest dreams he would ever visit at this point in a campaign, deep in Liberal territory. And doesn't Sarmite Bulte have that big entertainment lobby fundraiser this week, too? That should be more bad press.

Plus, there's bound to be quite a few "Liberals running out of time" stories popping up and the usual stories of Liberals fighting for their lives in their seats. And the "Liberal leadership race" stories are out there now with people hounding Frank McKenna about whether or not he will run and whether Martin's inner circle is supporting him to be the new leader! People will also be hounding John Manley, and Brian Tobin and the rest of them. It can't help matters that there are rumors flying that Martin is going to lose his own seat!

Already it's shaping up to be a long, long week for the Liberals. Again.

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