Sunday, January 22, 2006



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Most results won't be online before 10PM EST due to election blackout laws but who's really stopping anyone from trying, especially these days, given the Internet and the flow of information.

Global TV sounds as if they are attempting the greatest election coverage in the history of the country. They are having Ipsos-Reid conduct a big exit poll of 50,000 voters across Canada and I have a feeling they are going to call this race very early, in American-style fashion. The Americans are notorious for calling races as soon as the polls close, using exit polling. Here in Canada, CTV and CBC still use the old-fashioned technique of looking at the results coming in and then making their projections based on who's leading in which seats. So when they show the Liberals with 133 seats it includes seats where the Liberals have leads, not places where they've actually been elected yet. And then after a while they project whether they'll get a majority government.

In the United States, the TV networks simply omit the places where there are "leads" and the totals they announce are actual projected victories in the Electoral College and in the House and Senate. And they only announce who's won the Presidency of the United States as soon as that individual is projected the winner in enough states to reach 270 electoral votes. Canadian networks usually jump the gun and make a projection very early in the evening with only a few returns in. They don't even wait until they hit the magic number of 155 for majority government, they just make a general projection based on who's leading in what seats, and that's it, over very early in the evening.

While the British do make exit poll projections they, too, tend to announce results based on who won as opposed to who's leading. Anyway, tune in Global and see what they are up to.

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