Wednesday, January 04, 2006


WHAT A HORRIBLE story--- unbelievable news just now out of West Virginia.

You may have been following the story of the trapped coal miners in West Virginia which led the news on World News Tonight tonight and all the rest of the newscasts.

Well, there was early word that one of the 13 trapped miners was found dead, and hopes were grim for the families. Then came the miraculous news that was reported on CNN and everywhere else that the 12 remaining miners were found alive. "It's a miracle!" people cried. There was euphoria and jubilation from all these people who had been spending the day and night praying. The governor even made a big announcement that these twelve were found alive.

I went to the CNN website and they were proclaiming this a "miracle." Even Martin Bashir on NIGHTLINE was talking about the "miracle" rescue tonight on ABC. They spent a whole half hour doing interviews with joyous relatives.

Turns out the information was totally dead WRONG. It was all a big misunderstanding and miscommunication, someone got their signals crossed up. Apparently someone overheard a cell phone conversation and got the information wrong, and blabbed the news ahead of time to the families, and it was all wrong.

Turned out 12 of the 13 miners have in fact been found dead. The only survivor is in critical condition.

This is unbelievable. What a horrible horrible thing to have happen to these families, to get told there was a miracle and be told these people are alive, and then for these people to turn around and tell these people that they got their information wrong. This is a terrible thing for these people to do to these families, to raise their hopes and then rip those hopes away from them. This is really awful, unbelievable.

I'm listening to the radio reports right now and the announcers on the radio can't believe it either. Latest from:

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