Monday, January 02, 2006


Can you believe that it's only three weeks to the election? Holy smokes. Expect a big month of nonstop political coverage on THE CAIRNS BLOG, in between our usual rants about reality TV and the like.

Speaking of the election, I find it quite remarkable the job that the bloggers are doing with respect to the campaign. They have gone after Paul Martin bigtime and now are on Ralph Goodale's case non-stop over the income trust issue. Now they are going after the office of the Minister of Finance and are digging up dirt saying that the office was being used for partisan purposes for political business in Saskatchewan--- an ethical no-no.

It's amazing that the best investigative reporting of this election is NOT coming from W5 or The Fifth Estate, or the Globe and Mail or these other places. It's coming from the bloggers- although I will say the CTV National News has to get credit for breaking these income-trust stories. The rest of the media, though, is basically repeating what the blogs are saying. I say this is exactly what the blogs are for: they keep the media on their toes and alert them to what's really going on.

Meanwhile Goodale refuses to resign and Paul Martin continues to back him up. Why? Who knows. All I know is this income trust business is making the Liberals look arrogant and unethical. Regarding Ralph Goodale, no one thinks of him as being a corrupt individual. I think he truly is one of the good guys in politics. The problem is that this makes him look like someone who has no clue how to run a government department or follow basic rules. And by refusing to step aside for a period of time to let the RCMP investigating run its course, Goodale looks just plain arrogant. I'll say this, the reputation of this government is up in smoke. Paul Martin has this supposed reputation as Mr. Clean and that rep is GONE. The one thing that is clear to me is that they haven't concentrated on governing or serving the people, these Liberals. Instead it's all about politics with these people. It's all about power. Well, that's reason enough to boot them out--- a lot better than the "30 million excuses" the Liberals promote in their TV ads to get people to put these scoundrels back in again.

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