Sunday, January 08, 2006


Tonight on Global they are rerunning the premiere of Falcon Beach, that much-hyped OC clone set in Canada that's filled with young people on a beach. It's running on Global and they'll also run it in the States on ABC Family. They ran a lot of promos for the show during football today, featuring lots of girls in bikinis.

I was surprised to find out that it was set in Manitoba. Manitoba is supposed to be one of the most boring places in Canada! I know because I've been there. There's basically no difference between Manitoba and Saskatchewan, my equally boring and flat home province. How they manage to make Manitoba look "cool" beats me. Manitoba is famous for cold weather in winter and lots of mosquitoes in late summer. I also heard they shot the whole show in October, so the cast had to be pretty cold. Manitoba is also headquarters for Canwest Global, so of course they want a show set there. They want to make their home province look good.

It's good that you have Canadian shows set in places other than Toronto. When I lived in Saskatchewan I hated it when you had so many of these TV shows set in Toronto. I didn't think what happened in Toronto reflected on my life or made any difference to me. Anyway, we'll see of this show is popular.

Isn't it odd. Saskatchewan gets the show about these guys in hick town Dog River, while Manitoba gets the "cool" show with the kids at the beach. Saskatchewan needs to do something about this, like get another show there or something.

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