Thursday, January 12, 2006


Andrew Coyne is recounting the fallout from the Liberal ads. Keith Martin calls the person who released this ad an "idiot." Even Anne McLellan is distancing herself from the ads and saying they should never have run. I can tell you Liberals across the country are going to be facing angry veterans.

Last night at the all-candidates meeting in Don Valley East, even Liberal MP Yasmin Ratansi had to say "I apologize" to an offended veteran who was furious about these ads. But then she sort of backtracked and went on about the prime minister's thought process behind these ads, or something. Her apology ended up sounding like a half-apology, and the crowd there seemed pretty underwhelmed.

Anyway, that's the type of reaction the Liberals are getting to these ads. Our troops around the world are bound to be outraged. To say nothing of the people who support our troops and appreciate their efforts to defend people's freedoms around the world. These are the people who liberated Holland from the Nazis being insulted in these ads. Shame on the Liberals.

I almost think that proud supporter of our armed forces, Don Cherry, might do a Mike Duffy on the subject of these anti-military Liberal attack ads this Saturday night on Hockey Night in Canada. Heck, it seems the rest of the media is beyond intimidation, they're standing up for themselves; Cherry should too! If he does blow his gasket on this subject on Coach's Corner like he did when he debated the Iraq War with Ron MacLean, he could get himself fired. If that happens, it will be the best thing ever to happen to Stephen Harper. People will vote for Harper just to punish the CBC and get Cherry reinstated. The election will be in the bag.

Why shouldn't Cherry speak his mind? That's why we watch!

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