Tuesday, January 24, 2006


We all knew this election was going to produce a lot of surprises. I guess the big surprise for me is that so many of the usual hacks and idiots got back in again. People like Goodale, Brison, Lapierre, and of course Belinda. Especially Belinda. People at my miserable "victory party" (our local candidate lost, again) were really out for blood and hoping for Belinda's defeat, but it didn't happen.

Interesting was the big breakthrough of the Conservatives in the province of Quebec. Most people were predicting that the Tories weren't going to win any more than three seats there, especially with their lack of organization. But they managed to win ten seats and got their star candidates like Lawrence Cannon and Josee Verner elected. That's pretty good. But most surprising was the election of Howard Stern-esque shock jock Andre Arthur in Portneuf. That's the equivalent of Jesse Ventura getting in, or something. Arthur got in largely because of the controversy surrounding the CRTC's decision to strip the license of CHOI-FM in Quebec City. Anyway he'll make parliament really interesting, that's for sure.


Like I said, I was really out for blood. I had my personal "hit list" and as you know, it was more a wish list than a hit list. Some of them did fall, but not enough for the liking of most of us Tories. One guy I really hated who I forgot to mention was Tony Valeri. He's the guy who help do in Sheila Copps in her seat in Hamilton East-Stony Creek, taking her on for the nomination and knocking her off, and stabbing her in the back. Sheila Copps didn't deserve that fate- she is no doubt smiling today. This is what happens when our nomination process goes off the rails. Way to go, Hamilton East Liberals, your riding is now represented by the NDP. Good riddance Tony Valeri.

And good riddance to Anne McLellan, Pierre Pettigrew, Sarmite Bulte, Liza Frulla, Reg Alcock and the many, many Liberal losers in this election. One of the cabinet ministers to fall, Andy Mitchell, lost to Tony Clement by 21 votes in Parry Sound - Muskoka! That race is almost certainly going to go to a recount and might even be challenged in court.

All in all, I gotta say I'll be happy for Clement if his victory is upheld. He's basically lost four races in a row and has been out of elected office since 2003. That losing streak has taken its toll on him, that's for sure. He's no longer known in politics for being a capable politician or representative; he's known now for losing. Another loss would probably finish him and his reputation. But this win will put an end to all that and mark his personal political comeback. It will probably go down as his sweetest victory.

I'm also happy for Jim Flaherty, and Garth Turner, and all these other Tories who got in in Ontario. Of course I personally stabbed Flaherty in the back, backing John Tory for the leadership of the Ontario PCs instead of him. I'm glad he's gone to a better place for him and a major cabinet post.

It's too bad Toronto didn't elect any Conservative MPs and I feel really bad for John Capobianco in Etobicoke-Lakeshore. You'd think people down there would boot out the Liberals after what happened with their undemocratic nomination of Michael Ignatieff. But really I can't say I'm surprised at the results in Toronto. No surprise at all. I had thought Peter Kent in St. Paul's would stand a chance if there was a big blue wave sweeping the country with a split Liberal-NDP vote, but it was a slim hope and it didn't materialize.

And I can't believe Toronto would elect three NDP MPs, yet Saskatchewan hasn't elected any! For the second time in a row. Saskatchewan elected twelve Tories and two Liberals (Ralph Goodale in Regina, and some guy up north), and the NDP were shut out. I still say Jack Layton isn't Saskatchewan's idea of what a politician should be. He's just too urban and probably too left wing for the people of Saskatchewan.

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