Saturday, January 21, 2006


Fat chance you are going to get any live-blogging from me this coming Monday night. THE CAIRNS BLOG will once again offer you links to election night coverage from all over Canada, but just like last time I will be out of commission. I will be working Election Day and then I expect to be celebrating the liberation of Canada from the Liberals with friends at a victory party at Joe Maggiano's Restaurant in Toronto.

At least I hope I will be celebrating. Every time I've gone there on election night my party's been defeated. And they also hosted the defeat party for Frank Klees in the PC leadership race. They have a record of losing to uphold. I'm going to go there anyway, though, the food's good.

Don't worry, I plan to provide all the usual links to the usual people, Peter Mansbridge and Lloyd Robertson. There ought to be live streaming of all their election coverage on the Internet but I don't expect to be able to take advantage of any of it, unless there's recounts or something. Already there are allegations flying of possible fraud in Edmonton Centre, and the election isn't even on yet! We'll see.

Don't expect to see actual results until about 10PM Eastern Time. That's 3AM in the UK, and something like 5 AM local time Tuesday for you relatives in South Africa reading my blog. If you live in the far East (ie. China), it'll be even later in the morning.

The reason the results will come in so late is because section 329 of the Canada Elections Act is back in effect, banning results from being broadcast to time zones where the polls are still open. This also applies to web sites and blogs.

This law was lifted by a court decision in 2004, so all the blogs and TV nets were able to broadcast Atlantic Canada's election results to the world. Not this time, they'll all be blacked out. Rats. I guess I'll have to attempt to pull in the signal of CBC New Brunswick again on the radio like I've done in past elections, just to get Atlantic Canada results. But I'll probably be too busy to even do that this time.

I will, of course, provide a summary of election results right here once I am able to do so, probably around 2AM EST.

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