Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Well, CAW boss Buzz Hargrove opened his big mouth and caused the Liberals even more embarrassment today. He called Stephen Harper a "separatist" in his views, and said Quebecers should vote for the Bloc. "Anything to stop Harper."

Of course Hargrove is the one who stood on a stage with Paul Martin in Windsor or wherever he was, and endorsed the Liberals, stabbing his NDP brethren in the back. Anyway, this is Paul Martin's problem now, not Jack Layton's, and it is yet another embarrassing gaffe to hit the dismal Liberal campaign. Hargrove really makes the Liberals look bad. With friends like him Paul Martin doesn't need any enemies, let me tell you.

And the polls continue to make no sense. EKOS came out with a new poll that put the Tory lead back to ten points, but then SES-CPAC came out with a very strange tracking poll that put the Tory lead at only 5, with the filthy Liberals at almost 32. Andrew Coyne mused about how this is the worst campaign in Liberal history and yet these jokers are only down five. SES also supposedly puts the Liberals ahead in the West which makes absolutely no sense. Warren Kinsella doesn't appear too concerned about it, says the sample size can't be trusted and the methodology flawed. Besides, I have my ears tuned in to what people are saying on the ground and there's lots of anger at the Liberals and at Martin. They're not getting 32% of the vote based on what I'm hearing from people, and keep in mind, I'm in Red Toronto.

Stephen Harper was at a successful rally in St. Paul's riding this morning that the Toronto candidates all showed up for but I don't feel like blogging about it right now, I've had a long day. I'll blog about it when I get a chance, maybe tomorrow. All I will say is it's quite an achievement for Harper to get a full house for a rally in Toronto at 8AM in the morning no less while Paul Martin plays to empty buildings all over the country at more convenient times.

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