Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Well, already 2006 is a big year in politics here in Canada because of the election and the change in government. Now we have the speculation about who will be in the Harper cabinet and who will run for Liberal leader.

In addition to all the leadership hopefuls I mentioned before, I think we should add Ken Dryden to the list of people, especially with Frank McKenna out of there. People are talking him up these days. And more people are mentioning Stephane Dion and there are rumors now about Allan Rock. Who knows. Anyway the Liberal leadership race is on and the jockeying is on, but I really don't see anyone announcing their intentions to run until the convention date is all set up. Right now it appears to be wide open, but there could be backroom stuff happening that I don't know about.

The other thing happening is that Ontario has municipal elections coming up in the fall of 2006 and that is always a very big deal in Ontario. Already Toronto's fearless Mayor David Miller is going to face a challenge from city councillor Jane Pitfield. There are also people who want former police chief Julian Fantino to run but my information is he likely won't. These municipal elections are always a big deal here and all the big political bigshots in this town get involved, so I fully expect that people will want to concentrate on (a) electing a new Liberal leader and (b) electing their favorite municipal politicians, instead of bringing down the federal government and forcing elections that no one can afford right now.

The other thing is that these federal political parties are going to have a hard time raising money in Toronto when everyone on Bay Street has already been tapped out. Same thing for the municipal candidates who will have to compete for donations with these bigshot Liberal leadership contenders. All these people in politics know full well that money doesn't grow on trees. The pickings look pretty slim for these folks running for office.

Anyway, that's Toronto. Over in Peel Region, the news is that former MP and notorious bigmouth Carolyn Parrish is planning to liven up the normally dull-and-boring Mississauga municipal political scene and run for a seat on city council. This is yet more evidence of how hard it is to get rid of these politicians- they keep on coming back, whether you want them back or not. You can't get rid of some of these people.

Can you imagine a city council with Carolyn Parrish on it? You have to feel sorry for Mayor Hazel McCallion, whose stomach must be turning at the thought of having to run council meetings involving this woman and trying to get her to keep a lid on it. Maybe Parrish wants to set herself up for a run for mayor when Hazel finally leaves. If that's the case, people there must be hoping Hazel sticks around for a long time.

Mayor Carolyn Parrish... can you imagine?

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TomLyons said...

The Federation of Metro Tenants an NDP group is endorsing Liberal Jane Pitfield for mayor.

They are saying that David Miller has proven himself against tenants with his new garbage recyclying levy against poor tenants in highrises.

They are also saying that Miller refused to renew his NDP membership last year.