Saturday, December 31, 2005


I saw this article in the New York Daily News about the worst TV shows of 2005.

And I'm surprised because The Princes of Malibu wasn't mentioned. I thought it would be; I thought it was one of the worst TV shows of all time, let alone for the season! How easy it is to forget.

Any top 5 list of the worst shows of the year would include Britney and Kevin: Chaotic, The Will, The Law Firm (I agree- that was bad) and Hit Me Baby One More Time. As for the next 5, I would also add So You Think You Can Dance, a cheap ripoff of Dancing With the Stars. And I would even add Dancing With the Stars, becuase I just HATED that show. There was also that absolutely awful I Want to Be a Hilton piece-of-dreck show, but I think that was another one that was so bad that they forgot about it. They also forgot about mentioning either one of Martha Stewart's new shows, either. Maybe they think her shows were too good.

In addition to this junk, I would also add The Simple Life and the Jerry Springer Show to that list as well, even though they aren't exactly new shows. Average Joe was also absolutely the worst show ever, but they finally junked it. I guess the Daily News restricted their picks to the new shows that premiered this year that were terrible. There's a lot of bad television out there, though, that hasn't gotten cancelled yet. Here's a list of what I'd say are the worst TV shows on the air today.


The Jerry Springer Show (syndicated, named worst of all time by TV Guide)
The Simple Life (E!)
Big Brother (CBS)
The Montel Williams Show
The Tony Danza Show
Ed's Night Party (City TV) (definitely gets the Worst Show in Canada award)
Geraldo At Large (anything with Geraldo in it automatically deserves a mention)
Ripley's Believe it or Not! (Really bad TV.)
And finally, last and least, The Bachelor. Yes, it's still on, in fact it's going to Paris this year.

Amazingly there's no room on this list for Fear Factor, but I can't include that show, it's too good. The bug eating is sensational. I could've included some notoriously bad shows like that one Donny Deutsch hosts on cable, or any show Diane Dimond is a part of, or those cooking shows on the Food Network. But I don't really have the time, they're too boring to even mention.

Happy TV watching, TV fans!

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