Wednesday, December 07, 2005


As you noticed I have not blogged about the election for a few days, and the reason is pretty obvious. I don't care.

I'm more interested in the movies than I am in the election. In fact I am really looking forward to King Kong. That movie is supposed to be the ultimate epic. It's getting great early buzz and I read some early reviews in Rotten Tomatoes. Some people were worried that this movie was too long at three hours. But now it seems clear that director Peter Jackson of Lord of the Rings fame wants to make this the biggest epic movie ever. The early Rotten Tomatoes score for King Kong is, get this, 100%! One hundred percent for this big ape. Amazing.

Now I'm sure eventually some critic will come along that will trash this movie and claim it's too long or something. That critic probably will be someone who hates his job or wants to be different, someone who doesn't like movies. One hundred percent, boy, that's something that can't be ignored, folks, from Rotten Tomatoes. I'd say that's pretty good.

Just from glancing the trades the consensus is this is going to win Peter Jackson an Oscar for Best Director and that the studio is going to get filthy rich off the movie, everyone in the world is going to want to see it. Anyway, I don't care about the election, I care about King Kong. I get the impression ordinary yokels don't care either. I know these ranting Blogging Tories were all abuzz about the fact that CTV News led last night with the story of the income trusts and the leak, the latest scandal in yet another bad week for the Liberals on the campaign trail. But those are the Blogging Tories, they don't go to movies or have a life, these political freaks. They watch the news all the time. Nobody else seems to watch the news. Not even me.

In fact, I just shut off Peter Mansbridge on The National doing his doing his usual CBC "Voice of God" anchoring routine which is rapidly going out of style in North American TV news. Even CBS and ABC have gotten out of doing these "Voice of God" newscasts; it's an anachronism, completely unpopulist. And Mansbridge is going on about the election and telling the old people at home watching what the serious issues ought to be. I say the heck with the election, it's still two months away. What's happening in the Saddam Hussein trial? That's what I want to know. I hear the Saddam trial is suspended again for another two weeks. Too bad, I was enjoying watching the streaming video on CNN.

Anyway I don't need Mansbridge telling me how to vote, my mind's made up. I'm going to vote the way I usually vote: for the losing candidate. And I'm not even voting strategically, like these Tories in Danforth and on the lakefront who plan to vote NDP to keep the Liberals out. I think this is crazy: you keep the Liberals out, but you're putting the NDP in. By extension, you're helping them force Liberals to spend the public's money like crazy and move Canada totally to the left. I don't get the logic. Anyway, why should I care.

Seems everyone else in town is disengaged. The campaigns are hibernating. I drove around town last night (while going to a movie, again) and noticed a dearth of signs. I drove for miles in Don Valley East riding before finally seeing three Eugene McDermott signs up--- on the side of a wall somewhere. Whoop de do. In fact, I get the impression this election call has caught all the parties a little off-guard. I don't see any Liberal signs up around here, really. I don't know where the Conservative campaigns have their offices yet, and a few campaigns don't even have their web pages up. The Conservative TV ads look like they were made on the weekend by contestants from The Apprentice TV show. They are that cheap- looking.

I haven't even been deluged with e-mails or phone calls from people urging me to help, which is surprising given the calls and junk e-mails I usually get. But I have gotten some calls from people asking for money. Fat chance am I going to donate any amount of cash to any more campaigns. I would have thought that people would call telling me of local riding events like the grand opening of the campaign office, or big rallies going on or something like that. It's strange. I guess they aren't interested in getting any help or any supporters, these people. All they want is money.

Last election I was pestered with calls to help out from tons of people. Same with the leadership race. In fact during the 2004 leadership I was absolutely inundated by phone calls and e-mails from candidate Belinda Stronach. "Join! Recruit! Vote!" I got phone calls and junk mail the whole freaking campaign from that woman--- even after I declared for Tony Clement. This year I hear Belinda is trying to get Conservative supporters to join her local campaign--- for the Liberals!!! She isn't getting much help from them, obviously. In fact, I get the impression that Lois Brown is going to get a lot of assistance from people driving up from Toronto to help her, just to knock off Belinda.

Maybe the reason I'm not getting pestered is because the campaigns are a total mess in Toronto. I don't know; I hope not. I wouldn't be surprised, though. I hear the Tories are concentrating on the 905 region and the ridings in the southwest, central and eastern Ontario. If I were them that's where I'd look for votes, because there's no reason for many of those seats to be Liberal. But Toronto is a lost cause. Too many lefties.

Anyway, there's a lot of reasons I don't care about the election: it's cold outside, Christmas shopping, general apathy, the fact that this is Toronto and my vote will end up counting for zip, and so on. Anyway don't expect me getting excited about the election for a while. And this is probably my last political post on the CAIRNS BLOG for a few days as I plan to go back to some serious ranting about movies and TV.

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