Thursday, December 01, 2005


The Tories have won the election. Today, Stephen Harper announced he was cutting the GST from 7 to 5%.

This is exactly what the people of Canada have been screaming about for years, they've been screaming for a GST cut. And now they've got it, if they vote Harper. If they don't vote for Harper, well, what can I say? The people of Canada will be exposed as a bunch of hypocrites for not voting to cut the GST when they had the chance.

Who in politics would want to represent people who say they want one thing and then vote for another?! Fellow Canucks, it's time to put up or shut up. If you really mean it when you say you want the GST cut, vote for Harper. Hold your nose if you have to, but just do it. Cut this awful tax.

I know the media is also in a tizzy because they claim the Tories were confused about their new policy to bring in an office of an independent prosecutor- Peter MacKay apparently didn't know what Harper was announcing. I think it was probably the media that was confused, frankly. I'll say this: if this is the best the media can come up with to trash Harper, say people in the party are contradicting themselves, that's good news for Harper. Besides, this independent prosecutor idea is another good idea which will help clean up the mess in Ottawa and hold politicians to account.

And Michael Ignatieff finally got nominated at that Liberal Etobicoke-Lakeshore nomination meeting by ahem, "acclamation". Right. And there were cops at the meeting, too, and Ignatieff got a lot of boos, and people who want to run against him for the nomination are upset with the Liberal Party for the way they railroaded this process. The Liberals are a mess there. Meetings like this one are exactly the type of thing that turns ordinary people off of politics.

All in all, this has been a bad week for the Liberals. And with the 5% GST announcement Christmas has come early for the voters. I say Harper is already off to a good start.

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