Sunday, December 11, 2005


Well, in what had to be a first I completely missed the Survivor: Guatemala finale tonight.

Not that I care anymore about this stupid, boring reality series, but it takes a lot for me to completely forget about the Super Bowl of reality TV finales, which is what the Survivor finale usually is. Maybe it's because I didn't watch football on TV today and missed all the CBS promos. Stupid me.

But I'm really turned off and bored by Survivor, and only watched the show this year while waiting for The Apprentice to come on so I could get mad at Donald Trump. And believe you me, I'm mad at Trump. What started off as a promising year has gone straight in the deep end; the deep problems of this series are being exposed. It's no longer a contest about excellence in business, it's about how to avoid being fired. Once again, contestants who fly under the radar are being rewarded by this awful show. Sure the firings were exciting this year, but the tasks were pretty much chimpanzee. This show ought to rename itself How to Get Ahead in Marketing and Other Tasks that a Chimp Could Do. Many of the people who were fired were good performers who got screwed by Trump for flimsy reasons; others, though, were complete idiots who should never have been allowed onto the show to begin with. If Randal doesn't get the job or crashes and burns in the finale, then the whole season will be a waste because total mediocrity will have risen to the top. This show's credibility is up in smoke, especially now that they announced they're moving to LA. What a laugh, The Apprentice in LA. I can't get over it.

Anyway, to heck with that show. And the heck with all the reality shows this week. I think they all have their finales, right? Doesn't Amazing Race crown a winner on Tuesday, or is it next week? I don't care.

As for tonight, Danii, or is it Danni?, won Survivor, beating Steph 6-1. I read that blurb on the website Survivor Sucks, which trashed the show as usual and called it one of the most boring finales ever. I'm glad I didn't miss much.

Though I must say, I'm sad I missed the post-Survivor show hosted by my favorite Survivor winner of all time Jenna Morasca. Jenna is my favorite Survivor winner for one reason and one reason only: because she is a babe.

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