Friday, December 16, 2005


I still can't get over last night's Apprentice 4 finale and here's an article on what went down last night on that contrived piece of nonsense that was the final show.

You know, it was rumored for awhile that Trump was going to pull off a surprise end this season with a double-hire, after all the mass firings and double-firings of this season. It was so obvious he was tipping his hand. He was saying over and over "we've got two stars" here, and he was readying to make both The Apprentice.

But boy, did Randal ever ruin that plan by saying there should be only one Apprentice. I think maybe he knew of this potential plan and was determined not to let it happen, thought it might be an insult. So Donald offers Randal the job and asks Randal what he thinks about offering Rebecca a job too, and Randal sticks the knife in Rebecca. I gotta say: Randal was a jerk. This was not a classy move on his part. It screwed up the feel-good ending to the show that Trump had planned! But you know, this is a reality show. Maybe Randal felt Rebecca didn't deserve it or was going to steal his moment of glory. I dunno, but he looked like a big egomaniac.

Randal's victory had to have the shortest-lived honeymoon period, ever. Now he looks like a jerk for all time for screwing Rebecca out of a job. Way to go, eh? You big jerk. I'm sure he isn't going to last long with Trump now. Whatever goodwill he had going for him is up in smoke.

As for Rebecca, I don't think the fired Apprentice candidates liked the idea of her getting the job, any job. I get the sense that the fired Apprentice contestants weren't thrilled with these rumors of a double-hire. It was made evident from so many of them endorsing Randal over Rebecca for the Apprentice job. The contestants made their strong feelings known on national TV and it looked to me, watching, as if there was lingering resentment towards Rebecca and over what happened during this whole process. I think many of these contestants felt they worked like mad but had been sandbagged for no good reason, while Rebecca got a free pass. Alla in particular trashed Rebecca on national TV and exposed herself as a bitter, big jerk with her rant. Wow. What a bitter woman Alla is. Alla was complaining Rebecca contributed absolutely nothing.

Talk about sticking a knife in the back. Classless individual.

All I will say about this year is that this was The Year of the Jerks. Not only does the winner Randal turn out to be a jerk, but the other contestants looked like they they were selfish and completely lacked integrity. Clay in particular was completely out for himself during the run of this show and Toral was a complete embarrassment. I think most of them felt they were hosed, Felisha in particular. In fact I feel strongly that Felisha was screwed right over. I don't think Felisha ever got over the comment by Carolyn that she was one of the weakest candidates left in the running, even though she had a victory as project manager to her credit and arguably was a better candidate than Rebecca at that point. It was as if she wasn't being given an even shot. Still, she showed more class than Alla did in absolutely trashing Rebecca.

I get the impression there was lingering bitterness that Rebecca got protected from the axe with her mediocre performances. Trump likes to say he only hires the best. Yet here was Rebecca, with her lousy 1-2 record as a project manager and a losing record in team competition, and she was kicked off Capital Edge by Alla at one point. In her final task she managed not to raise a bleeping cent for her charity! Debacles like that, as I said before, got other teams mass-fired. Rebecca, as losing project manager, even protected the thoroughly-discredited Toral from a sacking early in the competition. Apprentice candidates in previous seasons got fired for pulling this sort of stunt that Rebecca pulled; Trump would trash their judgement and fire them on the spot. Yet Trump was prepared to make Rebecca the big co-winner of this competition! It made absolutely no sense and looked like a big double-standard to me. See, this is why I said I couldn't understand the Donald and his firing decisions. He seemed to throw out the rules to keep Rebecca around, for no apparent reason other than the fact she broke her ankle.

I'm sure the fired contestants were beside themselves and wondering why they didn't break their own legs during the competition, too! Then they could have won! It looked to me like they were quite incensed, some of them, and I don't blame them. I think they were angry as hell at the Donald for trying to make Rebecca look so good while they ended up looking so bad on TV.

I say if Rebecca was really as great as they said she was, then why didn't this competition highlight her strengths? Why didn't she win more?! It looked to me like the fix was in for Rebecca to get hired, but her constant losing and Randal's knife at the end screwed it all up. Way to go, Randal, you fool. Anyway, the fact that Rebecca got as far as she did revealed a lot about The Apprentice process and how flawed it was as opposed to any strengths or weaknesses Rebecca may have had. She may have poise and polish and may be a class act (especially now, compared to her competitiors). But this competition sure didn't show to the world how great she could have been as a potential Apprentice, that's for sure. She flew completely under the radar.

As for Yahoo!, wow, did they ever look foolish in that final task by insisting the charity event turn into a big commercial for Yahoo! while the charity received zippo in donations. It made Rebecca look really bad, and made Yahoo! looked selfish for not allowing the charity to make any money off donations. No wonder Yahoo! felt compelled to offer a $100,000 check split between both the charities, to make up for their big blunder on national television!

Yikes. The Yahoo! execs were really responsible for turning Rebecca's event into the complete debacle it was. If anyone should be blamed for ruining the Donald's double-hire plans it was Yahoo! for making Rebecca look like she couldn't raise any money. Her hands were tied. Not entirely her fault, but still...?!

Anyway, I think Rebecca emerged with a lot of sympathy from a lot of people and may get a job out of Trump in the end. That's what happened with Amy and Andy who got fired on the show, but were hired later. I got to say I have a lot more respect for Rebecca today. Rebecca showed far more class in losing than Randal did in winning. Or Alla did, period. Rebecca's going to do OK for herself, and become a big star on CNBC one day. After all, she is a financial journalist.

As for the Apprentice show, it once again finds a way to shoot itself in the foot. Ideally this show ought to be about how to win in business. Instead this show has become a parody of itself, again, with this season of jerk Apprentice candidates, mediocrity rising to the top for no reason, and the utter incompetence of Yahoo! corporate sponsors in ruining events. Most of all, Randal ruined the Donald's surprise ending and spoiled the whole show.

Last night's show was a JOKE. They were having their greatest season ever, but they still found a way to throw away the Reality Show Emmy Award, again.

Maybe Trump should say to Mark Burnett: YOU'RE FIRED.

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Classic said...

_I agree 100% with Randal's response. It should have said better; that Rebecca would soon have endless opportunities from many other organizations, yada yada. Winning means winning - not sympathic tying.
_Although, many of the 1st season candidates must have been cursing aplenty at their TVs from this season's overall lousy group.