Tuesday, December 06, 2005


As you know these big TV news people have agents, just like entertainers and big athletes, and when they make a big deal it means life is good. One of the things these TV news agents do when they make a big deal for a client is they announce it to the world in Medialine and at TVSpy and these other industry publications in the news business.

Anyway I thought I'd reproduce here the big announcement that Ken Lindner posted in Medialine the other day- not every day they are able to do a deal like this:

Ken Lindner and Associates announces the following...
12/06/05 Elizabeth Vargas has just entered into a new long-term agreement to co-anchor ABC Network¹s World News Tonight. Elizabeth will continue to be the co-host of 20/20. Elizabeth and Ken Lindner have been working together for the past nineteen years, ever since Ken discovered Elizabeth as a general assignment reporter at KTVK in Phoenix, Arizona. During the last three years, Ken has negotiated agreements for Elizabeth to replace the legendary Barbara Walters on 20/20, and to replace, in part, the late Peter Jennings on World News Tonight. Dreams do come true! Congratulations, Elizabeth. Elizabeth is represented by Ken Lindner of Ken Lindner & Associates THE Career Choreography Agency located at 2049 Century Park East, Suite #3050, Los Angeles, California 90067. www.kenlindner.com , info@klateam.com. 310-277-9223.

In other news Lindner's firm has re-signed Bill Lagattuta with CBS News. Woo hoo! Being an agent is great, especially in the TV news business these days. I wonder who represents Bob Woodruff. That's another agent having a really good week.

Direct quote from Jerry Maguire: "SHOW ME THE MONEEEEEEYYYYY!!!!!"

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