Sunday, December 11, 2005


Well, this is it, the final week for Howard Stern on terrestrial radio. He is leaving for satellite radio and this Friday morning is his final show.

Of course this Friday will undoubtedly be the last time you ever hear Stern in Canada because Sirius won't carry his show here. So you can hear him in southern Ontario on 92.9 FM, from Buffalo, and then he'll disappear from the face of the earth to broadcast from that great radio station in the sky--- to the 'States. Of course, the rest of you in Canada outside of southern Ontario won't be able to hear his final show at all. You can't hear his show now, and can't hear him later, either, thanks to government officials on both sides of the border. You're DOOMED.

I personally can't say I'll miss Stern much--- usually in the mornings my preference would be the silly Imus in the Morning show from WFAN, quality entertainment. Either that, or the 680 News. I guess I'm just posting this to make sure I tune in to some radio history with Stern's show this week.

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