Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Well, the big event on TV this week is NBC's new show Deal or No Deal, a show where contestants have a 1-in-26 chance of selecting a lucky suitcase that contains a grand prize of $1,000,000. It featured all these models holding suitcases with numbers on them.

Interesting show but I wonder if the game show craze is OVER. The game shows were big with Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and then came the imitators like Greed, and the revival of Twenty-One, and The Weakest Link. But these shows are all history in prime time, they are FINISHED. Reality TV kicked them off the air. Maybe they're thinking that people are ready for a revival of the game show craze now that people are fed up with reality shows. But I think NBC's looking for cheap junk, that's what I think. This looks like a cheap show to produce and it's different from reality shows, so maybe people will watch!

They're doing this all week during the holiday season. Who knows, maybe it will become a hit for NBC and they can finally kick Donald Trump off the air for good.

Here's what I think. I think American TV can't come up with original ideas! This is yet another foreign show ripped off for the American market. Granted, this looks like a really cool show. I think the guys at home are going to like the models with the suitcases. Howie Mandel as host, though, is quite scary-looking with his shaved head. Man. Still, it's not so original.

This show was big in Australia and in the U.K. and is supposed to be sweeping the world. But it just underscores the fact that Americans can't create hit TV to save their lives anymore. The biggest, most trend-setting TV shows the world over seem to all get started overseas these days. Here's a list of the shows that made it to American TV which were basically ripped off from other countries:

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: British
Survivor: Swedish
Big Brother: Dutch
American Idol: ripped off from Pop Idol, which was British
The Office: British
Weakest Link: British

I could go on. But it seems as if American television is becoming less American and more, ahem, international. And they're getting access to the BBC now down there, too, so the United States is basically being taken over by foreigners, culturally. That's what you get when the best local product you can come up with is Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson.

The only shows that the Americans still have a lock on creating are the cop shows. Maybe it's because the United States is the one country in the world that is overrun with crime. It's also the only country also overrun with lawyers. Anyway, Deal or No Deal is another foreign show that has landed on American turf. It just shows that American domination of the world in TV is OVER. Much different from the days when the Americans were the ones exporting all the big TV shows like Nash Bridges around the world. I tuned into a lot of international TV feeds on the Internet and a lot of these countries used to run Nash Bridges ad nauseum, for some reason. Maybe they got a good deal on the show. Anyway, things are sure different today.

A rant of a different order is--- why the heck doesn't Canada get on the bandwagon, too, and create some hit shows of our own that we can export around the world? Other countries are doing it, why not us? I know, I know, there's Corner Gas, and Degrassi, but they aren't all that huge. Why can't Canada create some phenomenal hit show like Survivor? Or Big Brother? That's what I want to know. (I know I know, they tried The Lofters.)

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