Monday, December 19, 2005


Well, I guess I ought to junk this CAIRNS BLOG as a political blog, soon, because the political coverage here is ZERO these days. And for good reason: no one cares about the election. I wish people would care, I want people to care, but they just don't.

In talking to people I find a number of themes come up pretty often: (1) it's Christmas and it's a bad time to focus on politics, and (2) all politicians are the same anyway and there are better things to do than listen to them yell at each other.

This explains why the polls haven't moved much since the election was called. Sure, the Conservatives have been setting the pace on policy, and sure, the Liberals have run a terrible, gaffe-ridden campaign. It's been one day after another of bad news for the Liberals. One day it's income trust investigations, the next day it's a fight with the Americans. The whopper last week was the remark by Scott Reid that the Conservatives' promised child care allowance would be wasted on "beer and popcorn".

Now there's another story out there of wheels falling off a vehicle the Liberals used at some campaign event. Now, that's embarrassing! These types of stories get other parties defeated at election time. Yet the polls say the voters want to re-elect these utterly mediocre fools and let them keep running this country into the ground.

In fact I heard that nobody even bothered to watch the debates. Only about 1/3rd of Canadians tuned in. The rest went Christmas shopping, watched hockey games on TV, or went to see King Kong, among other things. I was at a big shopping mall just before the English debate started and actually had to race out of there so I could watch the debate on TV. I can tell you this: that mall was jam-packed and the people there looked like they were in no rush to get home to watch an English debate on TV. They didn't freaking care, these fools.

It's typical Canada. Temperamentally, Canada hasn't changed in over 200 years. They don't get up and do something about arrogant, bad treatment from their governments. They just sit on their hands and do nothing, and then they whine about it! Pathetic.

I notice a lot of campaigns are definitely in low-gear mode right now. A lot of campaign offices only started opening in the last week. Not exactly a sense of urgency. I find it a little surprising that people are so disorganized. I'm convinced nobody expected this election to happen on either side of the aisle. Anyone who thinks this election timing was all planned by the opposition parties is definitely on drugs, that's for sure.

I wouldn't take the polls seriously. So the polls aren't moving; big deal. Nobody is into this election right now, not even the local campaigns! And who can blame them. Anyone out there campaigning and going full steam ahead on this campaign trail is really wasting their time.

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