Friday, December 02, 2005


This time, Trump fired the entire team. Granted, the team only made up two people, Felisha and Alla, but they lost and that was enough for this cranky, uptight boardroom. They claim Alla can't work with anyone, can't be "led", but I think that's hogwash. Alla's stepped up to the plate enough times to deserve to continue. I think she really got hosed. And Felisha's gotten hosed the entire series (Carolyn stabbed her in the back last week for calling her a weak link).

That leaves Randal and Rebecca as the two last people standing. Randal clearly deserves to be here- he's stepped up to the plate despite personal hardship (death in the family) and is 3-0 as project manager. And he's educated to the hilt. If Trump doesn't hire Randal, well, I say he's gone mad.

Rebecca has had her adversities, too, limping around on her broken foot. Clearly she's a hard worker and has poise and polish, BUT, she's only 1-2 as project manager, has made some questionable decisions and has not been forceful enough in getting her ideas across. Arguably the only reason she won as project manager was because of Randal doing a good job to bail her out. Moreover, Rebecca has been part of some absolutely notorious, hideous losing teams. She's the last woman standing from the infamous "Dick's Sporting Goods" bloodbath that saw Trump go nuts and fire four people--- over half the team. Then he fired two more people from that same bunch two weeks later in another bloodbath, with Rebecca escaping the axe again. So why is Rebecca still here, in the finals, while these other chumps are all out on the street for the flimsiest reasons? Beats me. The only reason she's still around is because she hasn't been fired yet. But that's no reason to hire her and make her the big winner of this competition. She's utterly mediocre.

To get ahead with Trump you have to work hard and avoid getting fired, and Rebecca's rise is the perfect illustration of what's wrong with the whole Apprentice hiring process. (Jennifer Massey from season 2 was also very good at flying under the radar, and she almost won.) I also read that Rebecca's a business journalist in real life and did local news on TV. Well, then, I ought to apply to Trump myself if this is all you need to be The Apprentice. Why don't I apply to this show and fly under the radar, too, and win a big six-figure job with Trump?

I can't take this show seriously anymore. The cream rising to the top?! HA! This show is telling the world that to make it up the corporate ladder it's all about luck. To move up the ranks it's all about good karma with the boss, nothing else. What a big joke this show is. CLICK!

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