Thursday, December 15, 2005


It is snowing like mad and that means it's a good night to watch TV.

Well, tonight is the Apprentice finale and from what I see the winner ought to be Randal Pinkett, but who knows. I don't know why Rebecca is in the finals, anyone could be in the finals other than her and do just as well, or as badly.

Some people think Rebecca could pull out a win, though. I read these fan sites and a lot of people think Randal is getting the "loser edit" and might have his event wiped out by rain; others speculate that Donald Trump is in love with Rebecca and think he'll find any excuse to get rid of Randal and hire her. Some people even think this show is all rigged, that these final tasks are all a big setup to favor one side or another. Well, all I'll say is that I think a lot of people out there think they have Trump figured out, but they really don't. Their assumptions are usually wrong or off the mark. And every time I think I have Trump figured out he throws a curve and does something nutty.

I looked at the NBC web site and it appears Randal's event will only be delayed by rain, not totally cancelled, and that things seem to be falling into place. And Rebecca had to scramble to get a new host when Joe Piscopo dropped out. Personally, in that case I would have been on the phone to Piscopo and his union, pronto, to iron things out before I tried to get another host.

Anyway, I'm going to watch the 2-hour finale tonight. I have a love-hate relationship with this Apprentice show, as you know. I actually walked out on this show midway through season 3. It has held my interest this year, but the finale has me really worried. As far as I'm concerned the credibility of the show is on the line tonight. If Rebecca gets hired after all of her losing this year and free passes from the Donald, and if Randal gets screwed out of this job after all his winning, then I will be really ticked off and will be screaming "this is rigged." At the very least, I will be hurling a foot at the TV screen. This ought to be no contest. It's a 33-year old uber-educated Rhodes Scholar and entrepreneur against a 24-year-old freelance financial journalist who once worked at an investment bank as a low-level slave (analyst). I read somewhere that 12 out of 14 Apprentice candidates were interviewed on some TV show somewhere, and they said Randal ought to win. So we'll see.

There's also a rumor out there that Trump may have a big surprise in store for people tonight. Some have speculated that this means Trump could hire both these folks. Wouldn't surprise me if they tried a cheap stunt like that given their ratings problems. Heck, they're going to LA!!!! In season 6!!! I also read a rumor somewhere that Trump may make some big announcement that NBC may hire a former Apprentice candidate to be a sideline reporter for NFL football or something like that. Anyway we'll see what surprises are in store. Maybe Martha Stewart is showing up.

Over on ABC they are basically conceding the night by putting on a big news special. That's right, tonight of all nights is the night that Peter Jennings' final report on America''s health care crisis airs tonight on ABC. Sadly this is typical of TV. They always give TV news the short end of the stick and air big news specials and important documentaries in "death" time slots where they will absolutely get killed. ABC knows Thursday is "death" for them, so this is where Peter Jennings' last report winds up. I hope some people watch.

Over on the French channel is the LEADERS' DEBATE. That's right, the leaders got at it tonight in French, and tomorrow in English. We'll see if this sways votes. I ought to rant about the election in the next few days, things have happened.

And HOWARD STERN'S LAST SHOW is TOMORROW on free radio. After tomorrow you have to move to the 'States to listen to him on Sirius. Enough said.

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