Thursday, December 29, 2005


Well, here I go with another one of my periodic Canadian election rants; periodic because, well, there is more going on out there in the world than the Canadian election and I'd rather follow that. They were having ceremonies remembering the Tsunami, for example. Here, the election is deemed more important and more interesting, but I don't know why. It's the same old story with the Liberals, the same old campaign. In fact, I'm bored following it. Every night on the CBC news it's the election, yet I don't want to see any more news on the election, especially this week. They're taking the week off, these political people, supposedly. Enough already about the election, darnet.

CBC's also showing lots of hockey games these days and I'm bored with that, too. I guess I'm just bored with this country and the boring cold weather.

I gotta say, it's been a bad month on the campaign trail for the Liberals. To update you on the happenings since the last time I ranted about this boring election, a senior Liberal official Mike Klander had to resign over incendiary comments he made on his blog site about various opposition politicians, particularly Olivia Chow ( or "Chow Chow", as she was referred to by Klander's blog in being compared to a chow chow dog.)

I gotta say, if I were an NDP supporter today I'd be really upset. These Liberals were being propped up by the NDP for so many months, yet this is what you get in return from them: racial slurs about Jack Layton's wife. Slimy bastards, these Liberals. Yet the NDP are tanking in the polls because so many NDP supporters are apparently going to vote Liberal to stop the Tories. Well, so much for Jack Layton trying to "get things done" in Ottawa. Try and get something done in Parliament for your supporters and look what happens: your supporters stab you in the back, and the Liberals take all the credit for the NDP budget.

Well, that's politics in Canada for you. Tough luck, Layton; Ottawa isn't Toronto City Council! As for Klander, well, he's yet another "blogger" who gives all bloggers a bad name. Thanks for nothing, Mike Klander.

The other big scandal is that a criminal investiagtion is underway into that income trusts leak and the calls are on for Finance Minister Ralph Goodale to step down, at least temporarily. There was a big banner headline on Bourque today, to the tune of "Goodale May Quit". Boy oh boy, does this make the Liberals ever look bad. The last thing Canadians want to see (so they say) is chaos in Ottawa, and the Liberals are starting to look like they're in chaos. Add to that the Chretienites trying to overturn Gomery now, on charges of bias, and things continue to look grim for the Grits.

And someone at some Liberal nomination meeting in Mississauga-Erindale ( nobody knows whether the nominated candidate said it or not) said the nominee's Liberal nomination was a "victory for Islam." Compared to the other stuff that's come out, this is mild stuff.

What I wonder is whether the public is going to finally see through all this Liberal sleaze and boot these people out?! I can't believe the people of Canada would see fit to reward the Liberal Party for the way it conducts politics in this country. If they get back in, nothing is going to improve. It would just encourage all politicians of every political stripe to go the low road, and that will be good for nobody. The people of Canada say they don't want this to happen. Well why, then, do you Canadians turn around and vote for it?! It's not as if you don't have alternatives, both on the left AND right. If you don't like the Liberals but can't stand the Conservatives, well, there's always the NDP, and they haven't committed any scandals lately. Yet no one wants to vote for them, either (which is probably good news, when you think of it).

I dunno what is going to happen with this vote. From what I can tell things look positively nutty as far as the polls and the situation on the ground is concerned. Sure the Liberals have a national lead, but how much of that lead is being wasted in Toronto and in Quebec? And the polls out of BC look bizarre to me, there's no way the Liberals could possibly do better than last time, after the way they governed?! And the NDP are going to contend with massive vote-splits with the Greens. I'm convinced the Tories are going to end up doing well there, in the end.

Toronto, though, is Liberal heaven. I personally feel the Liberals are going to win Toronto by an even bigger margin than last time, if you can believe that, because the people here supposedly can't stand Harper. I wouldn't be surprised if they get 60% of the vote here, really. Outside of Toronto, I'm convinced it's a much different story and a very fluid situation. The people out there are fed up with taxes and crime. And I also hear that in Newmarket-Aurora Belinda may be having trouble, with people all mad at her for changing parties. Would serve her right if she's defeated. I hope so.

Anyway, that's enough about the election, which I'm fed up with already. Back to watching TV for me.

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