Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Well, the worst Amazing Race season in memory ends with the finale tonight.

So where are these families going for the big finale? Which great, exotic location are these folks heading to see?

Why, Ontario and Quebec, where else?!

I'm sure there will be Canadians who are impressed by this, but I'm watching this show already and it's so obvious these Americans are totally ignorant about Canada. For one thing, they think people in Montreal only speak French, so they were freaking out over the language barrier. And they think curling is actually an exotic sport. Hey, they play it in the northern 'States, too. Dumbbells.

Canada's no more exotic than, say, Florida, and I know because I've been to Florida. They play football here, too. Last opportunity for the audience to see a foreign country that's actually exotic is up in smoke. What a crummy season this has been. Shame on Jerry Bruckheimer.

UPDATE: Now these people are up the CN Tower. Whoopee!!!! I'm impressed, not.

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