Saturday, November 12, 2005


Well as you know I keep following the TV ratings in the US and today comes word that Arrested Development appears to be on the chopping block yet again. How long has that show been on the chopping block? Since day one? This show is running out of its nine lives, quickly.

The show got a stay of execution last year and moved to Mondays, where the ratings have been DISMAL for the critically-acclaimed, Emmy-winning show from Ron Howard. In fact, it runs in fifth place! Now the series order has been cut from 22 to 13 episodes; worse, the show's episodes have been pulled from sweeps. I don't see how this series is going to survive this vote of non-confidence by the network. FOX has already given this show enough chances to get an audience. The critics may love the show, but it just hasn't got enough fans.

They also cut the order for Kitchen Confidential to 13 episodes as well, which surprises me a little bit because I read a report somewhere that FOX had already cancelled the show. I guess it's still on, but probably for not much longer

In other ratings news Anderson Cooper is getting bombed by Greta every night. 600,000 viewers a show. You know, I said it would happen. Why they don't hire me to run these channels and put programming on, I don't know.

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