Saturday, November 26, 2005


In anticipation of the election call comes word now that the Liberals have recruited star candidate Michael Ignatieff to run for the party and that they are plunking him into Etobicoke -Lakeshore (according to the Globe).

Good Lord, he's running against John Capobianco! This means Capobianco's toast, and the election has not even been called yet! Ignatieff is being touted as a big star for the Liberals and as possibly the next leader of the party! Personally, I don't see what's so great about him, Ignatieff, and I think there's a lot of baggage associated with the usual Liberal trick of recruiting and appointing star candidates and parachuting them into ridings. The best line of bull the Tories have is to say this guy is a parachute candidate and that this is yet more of the usual Liberal politics at work. Besides, the Liberals tried this same stunt in the 1970s a couple of times in Toronto and it didn't work, they lost.

I think Capobianco's people had an inkling something like this was going to happen, stories were floating around. Anyway, Capobianco's the best hope the Conservatives have in Toronto, probably the best candidate we've got in the whole city in fact, and he'll be the best organized in the city as well. If this is what he has to contend with, battling Ignatieff, then these Tories will be in trouble in the entire city. Who else has a shot in Toronto? Peter Kent?!

We're SCREWED! We Tories are gonna have to keep going up to York Region to have Peter Van Loan deal with any of our federal issues if this is what the situation is going to be here in Toronto.

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