Monday, November 14, 2005



Well, they had that meeting the other day and what did I tell you, Layton still wants to pursue his goofy have-the-Liberals-agree-to-an-election-in-January scheme. And if they don't agree they'll pull the plug. I am now convinced this is all an elaborate attempt to get the Liberals blamed for the Christmas election. "You had an option sir, you could have chosen to pull the plug in January! But you wouldn't do it! Instead you forced a Christmas election." Bla bla bla.

And if people say this is all games, well, don't blame Stephen Harper for this (he said he would've pulled the plug on Tuesday). It's all Jack Layton's idea and all his fault. This man is holding Parliament hostage, thanks in part to the voters in the last election who went and voted for him. So really, Canada, you endorsed this.


In other news, just crossed the wire that Martha Stewart's Apprentice show is ending after this season as NBC has said no to further episodes. Martha, you're fired!


And did any of you watch Category 7, that end-of-world TV-movie on CBS? It was shot in Winnipeg of all places. I must say, I was hoping it would be a good show, but that movie is GARBAGE, the plot is IMPOSSIBLE. The scenarios they were dreaming up for how a storm could happen were just lunacy. They were trying to say that heat from the big cities was responsible for producing big storms, but even I know the sea temperature is more of a factor to produce a really bad hurricane. And government officials were beyond incompetent in the movie. If what happened in the movie happened in real life, you can bet Anderson Cooper and Shepard Smith and the rest of them would be on the government's case big-time. This movie was a mess. Totally unbelievable.

At least it had some actresses that are really popular with the guys, Shannen Doherty and Gina Gershon. But when was the last time Gershon appeared in a production that was actually good?!A long time ago, if ever.

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