Monday, November 28, 2005


Meanwhile, apathy rules Canada. I bet hardly anyone cares the government was defeated tonight.

I was watching CTV News and there weren't a lot of people enthusiastic about a winter of politics. I was also watching Global during the actual vote and they were trying in vain to find people off the street to comment about the historic non-confidence vote going on. Seems nobody CARES. Some people are even blaming the opposition for the election when you should really blame the government for not taking the NDP deal. So because they were big jerks, the election is going to be held, what, three weeks before the NDP's election date? Anyway, the people are confused, as usual. They are ripe for the campaign of smear again. The entire country takes politics and democracy for granted, they think all the politicians are bums.

I can understand why people would feel disgusted, especially if the campaign is totally negative again. The last one was really bad. The Liberals set the tone early and that turned people off, but then the Tories joined in with the negativity, too. That's what caused the Tory campaign to go right off the rails. Plus all the usual interest groups showed up. I wouldn't blame people if they are unenthused about a potential negative campaign.

But I do think an election is necessary, the corruption and the arrogance and machine-politics of the Liberals could not go on. The opposition needed to take a stand and they did. Now the election is on.

Interesting to actually watch a government fall. The last time it happened in 1979 I was out of the country. I was in South Africa with the family, meeting relatives. In fact it was my grandfather in South Africa who told us that he read in the paper that Joe Clark's government had fallen. When we had left the country, John Turner had just announced he was not going to run for leader of the Liberal Party in the leadership race that was on. By the time we came back things had really changed.

I don't know if I will devote as much time to politics on THE CAIRNS BLOG as I did the last campaign. This blog is more media-centric these days and talks a lot about TV and entertainment, and news in general. As you can see, I added a few all-news radio station links and links to talk radio stations. I'll probably rant a few times about the election but I am not in the mood to root for the Tory home team all the time like some of these other blogs. I'm trying to move this blog in a different direction, but it's difficult.

In other news, tonight's the night the new NIGHTLINE debuts but it's been delayed out East by the football game. It's 11:45 by my watch and the NFL game is still on. NIGHTLINE's new anchors won't be on at this rate until at least 12:30 AM. The Colts are pounding Pittsburgh and are about to go 11-0.

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