Monday, November 14, 2005


Paul Martin just stood in the foyer of the House of Commons and said no to Layton's election-in-February proposal. Says you can't have a halfway no-confidence motion.

You know, apparently in this mini-budget today the Martin gang are going to restore all those big corporate tax cuts that Layton previously scuttled, in addition to a lot of other goodies. So what was the point of Layton propping the government up all this time? Martin hosed him! Layton really does look like a fool.

I wonder if the government is going to fall tomorrow, now. It's obvious to me the Layton proposal is dead as a doornail without the Liberals' saying yes. And they just said no. This government is dead on its feet. So why should these bums continue to govern when it's obvious they don't have the confidence of the House? They haven't had the confidence of the House, for all intents and purposes, for at least a week.

Not that I am looking forward to an election, mind you. I just have no confidence anymore in the ability of Canadian voters to do the right thing or stand up to corruption. My cynicism with politics is through the roof. Do I really want to be part of any more campaigns, especially after what went down in the 2004 federal vote? Especially when I could sit and watch football games at home on TV?!

Arrrgh! That's my reaction.

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