Thursday, November 17, 2005


Here's a piece by Bill Brioux in the TO Sun, another Martha Apprentice obit.

I gotta say this show has been embarrassing all season long, a completely lifeless show with embarrassing contestants. Martha's boardroom sessions (er, I mean "conference room" sessions) have been either laughable or sad, depending on the mood. The big problem is that the firing process on her show has sent lots of people packing for flimsy reasons; meanwhile the real deadwood are still going strong. Why is Jim still there given all the losing teams he's been on? And Marcela, who can't lead a team to victory and has no skills besides being a cook!? Betheny should have been fired LAST week for her terrible leadership, why is she still here? Mediocrity is rising to the top on that lousy show.

One of the contestants complained on last night's show that you could never figure out what the heck Martha was looking for. It seemed awfully frustrating for the contestants to go through this process with people fired apparently at random. I don't even care anymore who wins on that show, it doesn't matter. The show is a flop and the winner won't be back making cameos on next season's show, because there isn't one. Martha might as well fire everyone and hire nobody on the final show. It would be a fitting ending to this train wreck.

Maybe this "Apprentice" format works with one man and one show only: the Donald. He has a clear idea what he wants and a clear idea what kind of personality doesn't cut it. They're right when they say this show can't work with anyone other than the Donald on it, because he's a brash showman and quite good at making people feel small. Unfortunately, tonight, his show goes right into the deep end.

They're going to get the Apprentice contestants to write the next hit song. So the contestant on the team with the flop song is going to get fired. Man, this is a joke. You realize how fickle Americans are when it comes to music? These people might as well flip a coin to decide who goes home in the cab tonight. Someone tell Mark Burnett that these folks are trying to get a job in business, not in the entertainment industry. Some business geek is going to be fired for being clueless at music.

You wonder why Apprentice ratings are in the tank. Folks, it's ideas like this.

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