Monday, November 21, 2005


Well, Jack Layton's goofy resolution that Parliament be dissolved in January for a February vote has been approved by Parliament. But the Liberals are going to ignore it.

Well, so much for Paul Martin and his promises to eliminate the "democratic deficit", and make the PM more accountable and provide more free votes and so on, because all he seems good at doing these days is ignoring Commons motions calling on him to resign and/or call elections. What a bunch of baloney, all his "democratic deficit" talk. Someone should call him to account on all this in the coming election campaign and should trash Martin for failing to keep his promise on the democratic deficit. That was the reason Martin was supposed to have been elected in the first place, to clean up the mess left by Chretien. To be a new government without being a new government. Well, that argument is in the trash bin, we all know that. All Liberals are the same.

Next step is for Stephen Harper to bring a motion of non-confidence to the House and that will happen Thursday.

The government is going to spend the next week and a half criss-crossing the country making spending announcements and otherwise bribing the public with their own money. Aren't people supposed to be tired of this? Didn't Ernie Eves get defeated in 2003 for something like this- people accused him of bribing the public with their own money, too, with the tax cuts and benefits they were proposing in their platform. I don't get it.

By the way, what's with the craziness in Israel? Prime Minister Ariel Sharon did a Belinda and quit the whole Likud party, and dissolved the Knesset and called early elections, and he's formed a new centrist party that favors the Gaza pullout to fight in the next election. Talk about a bizarre situation over there.

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