Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Well, a reminder to myself to tune in to the last Nightline with Ted Koppel tonight.

Otherwise I'm sure to forget and tune in David Letterman instead as I usually do. See my bitter rant below about how I never watch Nightline, etc etc. As I say, blame Johnny Carson, he's the main reason I never watched Nightline.

I probably should've shown some class and praised Koppel and what a great show he had, and about how the last big giant of broadcast TV news is leaving. But I just had to react to these arrogant, highbrow, elitist TV critics who thought Nightline was so great and so on, and how television will never be any good without Ted Koppel, and how Nightline is going to go tabloid after he leaves, and bla bla bla. All this nonsense. I was sick and tired of hearing it and sick of reading about it.

The truth was that Koppel was taking as many vacations as Carson was near the end. It's about time Koppel left, it's so obvious he wants to do tons of documentaries. In fact, it won't be long before he'll be back on the air with his documentaries over on HBO or whereever they're going to run. And then these same critics will go gaga about how "Koppel is back." Come on, gang, quit with your crying about the sad state of television news and how things are getting worse now that Koppel's leaving. Koppel's not leaving forever, he's coming back, soon. He's going to be doing documentaries. Enough whining.

And it's not as if the show's ending! Heck, it's coming back tomorrow night with new hosts and a new set! So, enough with the bellyaching already. Koppel's leaving, but the show is NOT cancelled. That's the one thing Koppel fought long and hard for, to keep this show on the air at 11:35 PM on ABC, and well, he succeeded. These critics ought to be celebrating the fact that the folks at ABC didn't replace this show outright with entertainment like the rest of these networks.

Now, I will show some class and mention one good thing that Nightline did re: baseball. Remember that Al Campanis interview, where Campanis put his foot in it and said that blacks didn't have the necessities to be baseball managers? Koppel challenged him on that and rightly so. And Campanis got fired by the Dodgers for saying this rubbish on Nightline, and major league baseball went and made some changes because of this and Jesse Jackson and the rest of them got involved. That was one good thing this show did, it forced baseball to look itself in the mirror. There, I finally said something good about the show. Bye Bye, Ted.

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