Wednesday, November 23, 2005


And now I feel guilty about never watching his show over the years. I should hang my head in shame. I should send back my journalism degree to my alma mater in disgrace. (I've also committed awful journalistic crimes like getting into politics. So I really should send back my degree, I'm a disgrace to the profession.)

Anyway here's Ted Koppel's last parting thought. As for that quiz that Koppel gives his interns- who was Eric Sevareid, who was Howard K. Smith, etc. etc.- for the record I would have nailed it. I would have nailed that silly quiz and really impressed Ted Koppel.

If Koppel wanted to be really tough on his interns he could have asked them about John Cameron Swayze and Douglas Edwards, too. Or Frank McGee, or even Jessica Savitch. But I guess he wanted to take it easy on them. Good grief, nobody knows their TV history these days.

I liked how Koppel said "give the new team a break" or else you'll soon be watching Jimmy Kimmel or something at 11:35, hee hee hee. That should silence these critics waiting to roast the new anchor team. (Martin Bashir; good God.)

As for the era of the old-style anchors being over--- well, I forgot. Jim Lehrer's still here. So life is still good, you can always watch PBS.

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