Monday, November 07, 2005


Did any of you read Bourque today? It says that Jack Layton is ready to pull the plug on the Liberal government. The front page says:

LAYTON'S NON-CONFIDENCE (bold headline):
As Bourque was first to report this morning, NDP leader Jack Layton has decided to pull the plug on the governing Liberals, this in the wake of last week's Gomery Report, a weekend think about a proposed Liberal health care package, various arm twists from the likes of the CAW's Buzz Hargrove and myriad MPs like Ed Broadbent and Bill Blaikie, provincial heavyweights, and ordinary NDP members from one end of the country to the other. The bombshell was let loose an hour or two later in a speech to the Empire Club. Pulling the plug on this Parliament could happen as early as November 15, or perhaps on Dec 8 during a vote on Spending Bills, leading to a Jan 16 vote day.

And it goes on. Granted, Bourque said on his site before that Peter MacKay was going to bolt to Nova Scotia, and he also had Gordon Campbell resigning, once. Mind you, it could be a bluff tactic by Layton, this speech trashing the Liberals' proposals, but Layton risks looking like some cut-rate auctioneer with all the bidding he's doing. He needs to stand on principle, for once. I hope this time Bourque's right. This Parliament and this government has to go. The Martin gang are just too power-mad.

Last week they were showing no semblance of humility or apology. Instead they were basically using the Gomery report findings as their excuse to trash Chretien and keep Martin in power. They were going around saying "look how clean Martin is, therefore Martin's the one who should clean up this mess!" They had Scott Brison go around doing his hatchet-man-for-the-Liberals routine again, and the Liberals looked like they were hard at work dreaming up new and creative ways to trash their opponents and stay in power.

Well, it's about time people took a stand against this sort of nonsense and I hope Layton will go ahead and pull the plug, because this government has had it.

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