Monday, November 28, 2005


Here's links to some of the vital places to go for fall-of-the-government coverage tonight:

CPAC has a live stream here from the floor of the House of Commons. Also find a live stream at the CablePulse24 website.

Also, a few more links:

AND I AM SURE there are more on the sidebar but those ones are all good for the breaking news.

ALSO check out Monte Solberg's famous blogging. He has been known to blog direct from the floor of the House of Commons during big confidence votes and I am sure he will do this again.


Here's the whole story on what's going on in Etobicoke-Lakeshore- seems what they're trying to do with Michael Ignatieff is not to appoint him but maybe to rig the process that gets him nominated instead. So that's how they're going to parachuite Ignatieff in. Doesn't matter, local people who want to run there are upset. Story here.

And Olivia Chow says she is running again in Trinity-Spadina, trying again to get into Parliament.

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