Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Well, last night I tuned into Geraldo Rivera's first show of his new series Geraldo At Large. It featured Geraldo in storm-ravaged New Orleans chasing after criminals, as is usual for him. And the stories were all hard-hitting Geraldo-type stuff--- they did a Daniel Horowitz story again, the usual stuff.

Laurie Dhue was on, too, and she had the news headlines. Looked to me like this was a very fair and balanced broadcast- very Fox Newsish. It looked and sounded like it belonged on the Fox News Channel. Fortunately, you don't need to subscribe to Fox News Channel to watch this show. And it's great to see Geraldo in the field being Geraldo, and not stuck in some studio. Geraldo At Large can be seen in the Toronto market at 10:30 PM weeknights on WNYO Channel 49 ("the WB 49") from Buffalo, which is odd because you'd expect the Fox affiliate to carry the show, not the WB station. I guess Buffalo's FOX 29 had no room for the show. Not that it matters, both these stations are owned by the same company, Sinclair. Anyway, check your local listings.

The other news is that another lawyer-reporter, Chris Cuomo, just was named legal correspondent for ABC News, replacing Cynthia McFadden who is going to host Nightline. So it seems there's plenty of work for lawyers in TV news, in the 'States.

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