Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Well, here I am back to rambling about politics.

Seems like Jack Layton is serious about bringing down the house and it looks from the reports as if the NDP is going to use November 24th as the day to put this government out of its misery.

Thank God. Finally.

Meanwhile, the headline today in the National Post is "Harper Wavers on Election." But if you look at the fine print you realize that what the Tories really want is to duck the blame for an election. What they really want is for the NDP to go ahead and bring the government down on the 24th, because if they wait until the 8th of December the Liberals will turn around and say that the Tories don't want all these tax cuts and other goodies the Grits are hoping to pork-barrel to the public, and blame the Tories for an unnecessary, unpopular election. The politicians all think it could be an election issue, and they are right.

Mark my words, this election is going to be unpopular with everyone. You think it's fun for people to go door to door and put up signs in the middle of winter? Canada remains one of the few countries in the Western world where people seemingly want to abolish elections forever. The other day the Toronto Sun had a big picture of the Grinch on the front page. The message: that the politicians are planning to ruin your Christmas by having a campaign. I'm sure it will be upsetting to some people to have their reruns of Frosty the Snowman interrupted by political ads on TV. People are genuinely annoyed at these politicians and annoyed they may have to vote. I get the impression people here could care less about democracy. They'd put up with communism or fascism, some of them! Instead of embracing their democratic rights, people regard it as a nuisance to go vote, and get all hostile at meeting politicians or receiving their so-called "junk mail" literature. It's sad when you live in a country that takes freedom and democracy for granted.

The Liberals themselves are going around complaining about all the government business that will be disrupted if there's an election. But if the government doesn't have the confidence of the House and doesn't have the votes, there has to be an election. You can't keep doing government business if Parliament views the government as corrupt and illegitimate. The air has to be cleared immediately so that real government business can resume as quickly as possible.

Anyway you don't see Americans complaining about all the elections they have. They have elections all the time, these silly Americans. They had one yesterday in a bunch of states. The Democrats won in governor's races in Virginia and New Jersey, and Mike Bloomberg won in New York's mayor's race, and there were a bunch of propositions voted on in California. But you don't see Americans going around hating politicians and hating democracy, and complaining that it's a waste of time to vote every year. Instead, they use it as an opportunity to send a message to their politicians, especially if their representative is up to no good.

Maybe the message the people of Canada are sending is: "we don't care!" If so, it's sad.

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