Tuesday, November 29, 2005


You know, before these Canadian wimps complain about winter elections and voting and all that--- don't these Americans in Iowa and New Hampshire hold their early presidential primaries/caucuses in the cold weather? Those states get a LOT of SNOW and they are FREEZING in the winter. These presidential candidates have to campaign during December and January in these terrible cold conditions every four years, and the people there have to go and vote. Yet no one bats an eyelid, no one complains. Why? Because these voters love politics and love the attention. The presidential candidates are actually able to meet and shake hands with people in the coffee shops and on the streets in Iowa and New Hampshire. And it's civilized, they don't need to worry too much about getting yelled at by people angry about seeing them in their coffee shops! They have a lot of respect for these politicians who have to brave the elements to try and get their votes. It's called "retail politics", meeting the voters directly, and people down there encourage that sort of thing and want to see more of it because it's happening less and less. We ought to encourage it more here, too.

I've tuned into the primary coverage on TV over the years and I'd see footage of people going to vote with snow on the ground in these states. In fact, there's some law in New Hampshire which requires that state to hold the first primary in the land. These winter elections are LAW in NEW HAMPSHIRE, and New Hampshire is right next to Canada! But cross the border to Canada and see people whine about voting in winter. What a bunch of crybabies.

Americans don't complain about winter elections, but count on Paul Martin to try and make an election issue out of the Christmas season being ruined by the opposition parties, as he did again today. Really, the Liberals have no one to blame but themselves for not taking the NDP deal, the one that would have moved the election to February. Total fools.

In other news Gurmant Grewal is not running for the Tories again (thank G).

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