Saturday, November 19, 2005


Irony of ironies, on the same day that the Robert Blake civil jury came back and found Blake responsible for his wife's death to the tune of $30 million, the bar exam results came out in the state of California.

Here's an interesting blog by someone who took the bar exam in California and passed it. Looks like a lot of people in California did a lot of celebrating, although knowing how brutal that bar exam is ( massive failure rates etc.) there must have been a lot of people wanting to crawl under a rock or wanting to kill themselves. The two toughest bar examinations in the United States are in California and New York. In both states you have to shell out tons of money for BarBri and hope you are able to give the right answers over 18 hours worth of exams without zonking right out.

I can sort of relate because I took the bar exams in Saskatchewan, and even though the pass rates were high, those were still brutal. In fact, it's worse to fail the Saskatchewan bar exams because failing is total humiliation, the pass rates are so high. I heard of one person who had articled at the biggest firm in the province, and she had to resign in disgrace the day the results came back. I heard the exams have gotten tougher in Saskatchewan, with more failures happening. Good grief, they were tough when I took them, how could they have gotten worse!?! There were three exams over three days there, and you needed to pass all of them. You had to study like mad, just to avoid being the one person who failed. Given what I had to go through I find it hard to believe they could be any tougher.

Writing the bar exams was just a terrible experience. Looking back it's obvious my mind was not on the exams. I had just gone through a terrible articling year and was extremely worried about my future in the profession. What point was there to writing these exams if I had no future in the legal profession to begin with?! So it was very tough. I didn't do any wild celebrating when I passed, mainly because passing the bar didn't feel like much of an accomplishment after what I'd been through. Maybe I should have celebrated or something, but I was too drained.

Relief is more like it. That's what a lot of people in California must be thinking today.

UPDATE: Here's another pass-the-bar-blog from California, Legal Insanity.

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