Thursday, November 10, 2005


Needless to say, this has been quite a year for the soap opera that is the Apprentice franchise on TV. The ratings are in the toilet, Donald Trump and Martha Stewart have been sniping at each other and blaming each other in print for their show's problems, and ex-contestants like loser Markus claim the editors unfairly edited them. Yet the actual Apprentice show has been better than ever. The Donald himself looks decidedly reinvigorated. Perhaps it's a desire to show up Martha; who knows. In any event the energy level has been turned up in the boardroom this year. He's created some exciting, absolutely electric firing sessions, with no one safe. He has laid into people and he's been ANGRY. This is truly the season of humiliation and mass firings on The Apprentice.

Two weeks ago he shocked everyone and fired four people, decimating the formerly-winning Team Excel. Tonight, he slaughtered Team Excel again by firing Brian and Marshawn on the spot for the debacle of a performance in their task to create a Star Wars game display. Brian's downfall was failing to get his team to a key meeting with Star Wars executives on time, stuck in heavy traffic in Manhattan. No excuse, says Trump, you're an idiot for not knowing there's traffic in New York City, you local you. You're fired! Marshawn was fired because she basically choked on the portion of the task she was assigned, the presentation portion, and had Rebecca take over at the last moment. Marshawn was promptly accused of "not stepping up," but I think she was really freaked out and afraid she'd blow the presentation and possibly get the whole team fired. She wanted someone who knew their stuff to show off the display in front of those Star Wars executives, because she knew she had no clue about Star Wars.

Now the editors made sure these two looked like total idiots tonight, as usual, but I think these two got hosed. The real reason they lost was because they were clueless about Star Wars! Give them a break, eh?! Who said that knowing Star Wars was a qualification to work in real estate?! They didn't even get any credit for taking the initiative in doing the research to try and get themselves up to speed about this Star Wars movie before they met the executives. To me, they were trying to lay the groundwork to form a strategy and have some intelligent questions to ask these execs! Instead, this led directly to their total defeat, causing them to be late in traffic. No doubt, Brian and Marshawn were probably geeks in school who had no life outside of studying, and it sunk them on national TV no less. I can relate because I was that way. I was NOT into Star Wars, either! I know, too, what a lack of comfort with the subject matter can do to your efforts, it can sabotage you. You waste all your time trying to understand what it is you're trying to get up to speed on instead of focusing on the greater task! This was the wrong task at the wrong time for both of them and they got blown up and humiliated, and for the first time all this year I felt bad for the contestants who got fired, because they really got hosed!

And it was a double-firing, another massacre. This year has turned into a season-long bloodbath. Trump obviously doesn't care if you studied hard in school or worked so hard your entire life that you missed out on the plots of these hit movies. If you ever want to apply for a job working for Trump, be sure you know about Darth Vader! Go out and watch the entire series on DVD! What a joke.

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