Thursday, October 27, 2005


WEST COAST viewers, this is a SPOILER ALERT. I just watched tonight's APPRENTICE SHOW and have big news to report. And if you are out West, be sure to tune into the APPRENTICE tonight at 9PM Pacific Time. This show is not to be missed.


They decided to mix up both of the teams and one of them lost by the biggest margin ever on tonight's show... EVER.

Trump hit the roof. The Capital Edge team increased sales of sporting goods at Dick's Sporting Goods about 70% while the losing Excel team with their baseball promotion dropped sales a whopping 34%. So a furious Trump not only reamed out everyone in the boardroom (including losing PM Josh), Trump didn't even allow Josh to pick the people to bring in with him (a sure sign that Josh was doomed) and went ahead on his own and picked Mark, Jennifer and James to face the music along with him for their role in their team's humiliating defeat.

After he was done letting them all yell at each other in a wild boardroom, TRUMP finally turns to them all and says:
"You're fired, all 4 of you!!! LEAVE!!"

And they all crawl in the cab and we see all four of them in the cab, silent.

Greatest. Boardroom. Ever. This is why we watch the show, to see the Donald and the rest of these uptights in the boardroom, blowing their tops. (Bill Rancic was also in there tonight letting them have it and losing sight of where he came from.)

I know there will be some critics who will say "who cares about a mass firing", but I thought this was great. Just think how everyone else will react upstairs when they realize these four are not coming back. This show is back to being the great show it used to be.

Four people fired on one night. WHAT A SHOW.

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