Wednesday, October 19, 2005


No no no, it's not Fred Flintstone bellowing, it's Hurricane Wilma. 48 hours ago she was a nothing storm, but today she's Category 5 and the most powerful storm ever recorded, and headed to FLORIDA!!!!! And it sounds like people down there are already freaking out over this hurricane. If you are in Florida right now, gosh darnet get the H out.

By the way, these hurricane fools have run out of alphabet. They don't use X, Y or Z and are going to have to use the Greek alphabet if there's any more hurricanes. (And what happens if they run out of Greek letters? Do they use Russian letters?! Why not Chinese?! They never taught this on Sesame Street. This is getting ridiculous, so many hurricanes that you run out of letters of the alphabet.)

Be prepared for plenty of links in the next few days to hurricane coverage. Again.

And since it looks like they'll need the money, again: Heck, they've already lost all their money on tsunamis, Katrina, Rita, and that Pakistan earthquake. Might as well make sure they've got enough cash to deal with Wilma.

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